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IPL Photofacial Risks and Benefits


One of the reasons IPL™ photofacial procedures have become so popular is that their benefits heavily outweigh their risks. The potential side effects of photofacial (sometimes referred to as FotoFacial™) treatment, such as swelling, redness, and facial flushing, are minor and usually disappear within a few hours or days of the procedure.

Benefits of IPL™ Photofacial

The benefits of intense pulsed light therapy cover almost the entire spectrum of cosmetic dermatology. When performed by a qualified skin care specialist, IPL™ photofacial treatment can help nearly all aspects of skin aesthetics and structure.

  • The treatment can help repair small blood vessels that have become visible, or help eradicate sun spots or other pigmentation irregularities.
  • IPL™ treatment can help combat acne problems and eliminate large pores.
  • IPL™ photofacial therapy is also excellent at treating rosacea and other types of diffuse redness in the skin.
  • By treating a slightly deeper layer of the skin, IPL™ photofacials stimulate collagen growth by simulating minor dermal injuries, thereby helping to improve skin texture.
  • The cost of IPL™ photofacial treatments is often less than that of laser treatments as well.

Another benefit of IPL™ photorejuvenation procedures is that they allow for additional treatment with chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other facial skin treatments that target the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis. Since IPL™ photofacials target deeper layers of the skin, they can be safely performed in conjunction with other, more superficial treatments.

IPL™ Photofacial Risks

There are relatively few long-term risks associated with intense pulsed light treatment. Short-term potential side effects of IPL™ photofacial treatment include very minor swelling, redness, and increased visibility of small capillaries. These symptoms usually begin to disappear within a few hours of treatment.

Blistering and bleeding has been reported in very rare cases, and hyper- and hypo- pigmentation (darkening and lightening of the skin) have been reported as well. Scarring has been reported, but this too is very rare.

If you are honest and thorough with your physician about your medical history, you will most likely not encounter any severe complications from IPL™ photofacial treatment. Some factors that would prevent you from safely receiving treatment include pregnancy, open lesions, skin cancer, and keloid formation (excessive raised scarring). Be sure to discuss your medical history and any medications you are currently taking with your skin care specialist before undergoing treatment.

Speak with a Skin Care Specialist to Learn More

To find out exactly what benefits you may be able to derive from IPL™ photofacial treatment, locate a skin care professional in your area today. Discussing your goals and medical history with a medical professional is the best way to determine whether or not intense pulsed light therapy is the treatment for you.

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