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Laser Skin Tightening Systems


While Polaris™ and Titan™ are the laser skin tightening systems most recognized by patients, there are a variety of skin tightening systems available, including ReFirme™, LuxIR™, and Aluma™. Each skin tightening system is specifically designed to offer unique benefits and results, and one system may be better suited to a particular patient’s needs than another. Learn about the different laser skin tightening systems available.

Titan™ Skin Tightening

The Titan™ skin tightening system is a revolutionary technology that tones, lifts, and tightens skin by stimulating the rebuilding of collagen under the skin’s surface. Titan™ is safe for skin tightening on all parts of the body, including the face, abdomen, buttocks, legs, and arms. Titan™ skin tightening is also a very effective treatment for loose and wrinkled skin on the neck.

The Titan™ system uses infrared (laser) energy delivered through the sapphire tip of a handheld device to tighten the skin comfortably and safely. As the Titan™ laser skin tightening device is applied to the skin, a six-second cooling and heating cycle treats dime-sized areas, heating the collagen below the skin. The laser is applied to the skin multiple times. The face and neck can be treated within an hour. No anesthesia is necessary, and there is no downtime or recovery period. Tighter, more toned skin is usually noted after the first Titan™ treatment, and the skin tightening continues over the next few months as collagen growth continues. Best results are often obtained by undergoing two laser skin tightening treatment sessions about a month apart. Most patients enjoy the results of Titan™ laser skin tightening for up to two years; however, results can be maintained with touch-up sessions.

Polaris™ Skin Tightening

The Polaris™ skin tightening system is FDA-approved technology used to treat wrinkles on the face, including crow’s feet and wrinkles around the mouth. What sets Polaris™ apart from other laser skin tightening technology is that it uses a combination of laser energy and radiofrequency (RF) energy. These two energies work together to provide more effective treatment and increased patient comfort. The Polaris™ system works as:

  • The laser energy treats the wrinkles at the skin’s surface and improves the skin’s tone.
  • The RF energy heats the deeper tissues, promoting new collagen formation, treating deeper wrinkles, and producing a skin-tightening effect.

The heat produced by the Polaris™ laser is specifically calculated to deliver the most beneficial heat possible deep into the patient’s dermis. Polaris™ produces enough heat to cause lax skin tissues to contract and to induce collagen production, yet not enough heat to harm or burn the skin. The best candidates for Polaris™ skin tightening have mild to moderate facial and/or neck wrinkles and thin or moderately thick skin. Most patients who undergo Polaris™ skin tightening will benefit most from four to five treatments a few weeks apart. Polaris™ skin tightening is reported to be more comfortable than Thermage®, which uses only radiofrequency energy.

ReFirme™ Skin Tightening

The ReFirme™ skin tightening system is unique in that it uses lower levels of energy for power, which contributes to increased patient comfort. With a more rapid pulse repetition rate (one pulse per second) than other laser skin tightening systems, the ReFirme™ system also means faster treatment for patients and less fatigue for operators. In addition to producing excellent skin tightening results for the face and neck, the ReFirme™ skin tightening system is highly effective for treating other areas of the body, including the legs, arms, abdomen, and buttocks.

Aluma™ Skin Tightening

Like other systems, the Aluma™ skin tightening system uses a laser which bypasses the epidermis, which means no post-procedure downtime for patients. A touch screen and intuitive operating system make the Aluma™ skin tightening method simple for practitioners to use, which means they can focus on patient comfort and results. The Aluma™ skin tightening system handpiece is ergonomically designed to provide superior accuracy and ease of use, which means more precise results for the patient. Aluma™ uses a vacuum system to isolate the exact target area to be treated, eliminating the risk of affecting surrounding tissues and producing highly predictable and effective results.

LuxIR™ Skin Tightening

The LuxIR™ is a laser skin tightening system unique because of its handpiece and application method. With LuxIR™, as with other laser skin tightening systems, the laser beam reaches from 1.5 to 3.0 mm into the dermis, but bypasses the epidermis layer to reduce damage to the skin. LuxIR™ is unique because of its handpiece, which has a safety mechanism that prevents laser pulses from beginning until the full handpiece surface is in contact with the patient’s skin. This contact sensor prevents uneven heating, which could damage the skin and detract from the rejuvenating effects of treatment. Another key feature of the LuxIR™ skin tightening system is the one-of-a-kind handpiece head, which creates a network of tiny islets that are affected by the laser, while the surrounding areas remain untouched. This allows for the collagen growth stimulated in areas affected by the lasers to be supplemented with the patient’s existing collagen from the undamaged area.

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The Titan™, Polaris™, ReFirme™, Aluma™, and LuxIR™ laser skin tightening systems are each designed to meet the specific needs of a targeted group of patients. If you are considering facial or skin rejuvenation and would like to learn which laser skin tightening system will best suit your personal needs, use DocShop to contact a cosmetic dermatology expert near you.

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