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BOTOX® Injections Cost


The average BOTOX® treatment price ranges from $350 to $500 for each area injected. BOTOX® injection cost can vary greatly according to geographic region and depending on the doctor who performs the procedure. For those on a budget, convenient BOTOX® financing plans can make treatment easily affordable.

BOTOX® Cosmetic – Average Cost

In 2005, the national average cost of a BOTOX® injection was just over $375. However, the cost of BOTOX® treatment varies from area to area. In 2005, the northeastern United States had the highest BOTOX® average cost, at just over $500, while the western states had the lowest average, at under $370. It is important to keep in mind that these statistics may be somewhat misleading, as the cost of BOTOX® injections in Los Angeles will almost certainly be higher than BOTOX® treatment price in say, a rural area of Pennsylvania.

The cost of your BOTOX® injections will depend on other factors as well. The qualifications of the surgeon, the time of year, and how many injections you are receiving may all come into play when determining your final BOTOX® treatment cost.

BOTOX® Injection Cost Breakdown

Most practices have a flat cost for each injection of BOTOX® Cosmetic, though some will break it down by “units” used per treatment. Flat rates are usually somewhere between $300 and $1000, while per-unit rates are usually around $10-15 per unit. Though the BOTOX® Cosmetic price paid by physicians is normally about $400 for each vial (each vial contains 100 units, or enough for about 4 or 5 treatments), the vial must be used within a few hours of opening, so if the entire vial is not used, the physician will often have to throw the rest out.

What You Should Know about BOTOX® Price Discounts

BOTOX ® Cosmetic price variables should be weighed against other factors such as the quality of the cosmetic surgery practice and the professional qualifications of the doctor. An exceptionally low BOTOX® Cosmetic price can be indicative of questionable treatment.

Recently, there has been an emerging trend of “BOTOX® Cosmetic parties,” in which several people gather at a physician’s house or another location to have BOTOX® Cosmetic injections at a lower cost. While prices for treatment may be somewhat lower at a BOTOX® Cosmetic party than for treatment administered during a normal office visit, the situation may not be ideal. The American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have both issued warnings against such “parties,” as they have reservations about the ability of the physician to provide a safe and sterile environment outside of their office.

Like most cosmetic procedures, BOTOX ® injections are usually not covered by medical insurance. For the many people who cannot afford to make a single payment for the full cost of BOTOX® treatments, financing options are available that allow patients to make comfortable payments over time.

BOTOX® Treatment – Payment Methods

Most doctors who provide cosmetic services such as BOTOX® treatments accept payment by various methods, including cash, personal check, major credit cards, or through arrangements made with an established lending institution. Some practices even offer their own financing plans. Don’t be afraid to inquire about BOTOX® treatment financing during your initial consultation.

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of BOTOX® Treatment?

There are several medically related BOTOX ® treatments that are usually covered by insurance, including treatment for blepharospasm (uncontrollable eye twitching), excessive sweating, constant pain, and others. Insurance coverage for cosmetic uses of BOTOX® injections is much less common, but you should consult your insurance provider to find out if you have coverage for BOTOX® treatment. Also, Allergan, the maker of BOTOX ®, provides a Reimbursement Hotline at 1-800-530-6680. An Allergan representative can help you determine whether your procedure is covered by insurance.

Find a BOTOX® Cosmetic Provider in Your Area

The cost of BOTOX® injections will vary from region to region, and will depend on a variety of other factors as well. The best way to find out the average BOTOX® treatment price in your area is to speak with a qualified physician. Contact a cosmetic dermatologist near you today to find out the local cost of BOTOX® injections.

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