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Collagen Injection Cost & Financing


Compared to the price of more invasive cosmetic procedures, collagen injection cost is fairly low. In general, one can expect to pay roughly $325 for each syringe of collagen used during treatment. However, the actual collagen treatment price will vary depending on the doctor, the extent of treatment necessary, and the region in which the patient is receiving treatment.

Collagen Injection Cost Information

For people with moderate signs of aging and skin that is still relatively supple, collagen may represent an effective and economical way to improve the way they look. However, given that collagen has a per- injection cost, the number of areas to be treated and the seriousness of the cosmetic issues involved can have a major impact on the price of treatment. On average, a single collagen injection will cost between $250 and $400. The exact price will vary in different regions and from one doctor to another. For patients requiring multiple injections of collagen, the price will naturally be higher. Many patients can expect to pay roughly $700 for a full course of treatment.

Those considering collagen injections should make sure they have a clear understanding of how much the entire procedure will cost before undergoing treatment. If a doctor does not provide complete information about the collagen treatment price during the initial consultation, the patient should ask the doctor to provide an estimate that covers all aspects of the procedure.

Financing Your Collagen Treatment

While the price of collagen treatments is not high compared to many other cosmetic procedures, the final collagen injection cost can be difficult to pay all at once. Knowing this, most doctors offer convenient financing options that allow patients to make more manageable monthly payments. Other payment schedules may also be available, depending on the needs of individual patients.

If you are considering collagen treatment, you can get more specific information about alternative payment plans by speaking directly to doctors in your area. For those planning to use injections in conjunction with more intensive procedures, financing options for cosmetic surgery are available as well as well. In the event a doctor doesn’t offer payment alternatives, medical financing companies may be able to provide assistance. Since purely cosmetic procedures are rarely covered by health insurance, taking advantage of such options can make collagen injection costs easier to manage.

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For most people who seek aesthetic enhancement with collagen injection treatments, cost is a factor. Anyone who wants to erase the early signs of aging with collagen should discuss price and financing options with his or her doctor before committing to the procedure. Use DocShop to locate a dermatologist in your area who can provide specific collagen price information.

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