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RADIESSE® Cost and Financing


RADIESSE® treatment is customized for each patient and the cost typically depends upon factors such as the amount of product used and the number of office visits required. Because the RADIESSE® formula provides both immediate and long-lasting results, you get great value and a convenient treatment requiring fewer office visits to get long-lasting results. In the sections below, DocShop examines RADIESSE® price information. If you would like more information on RADIESSE® or the cost of treatment, DocShop can locate a facial plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist near you who can answer your questions.

Variations in the Cost of RADIESSE® Treatment

The average cost for RADIESSE® injections is $1,000 per treatment, including the $650 to $800 charge for a RADIESSE® syringe. This price does not, however, include any additional fees such as anesthesia or surgical facility. The cost of the procedure also varies by the amount of filler needed and the area of the country where the treatment is administered. The physician who administers the RADIESSE® treatment can give a better price estimate.

If the RADIESSE® treatment is done for aesthetic enhancement, insurance will most likely not cover the cost since this is considered an elective procedure. However, many cosmetic dermatologists and surgeons offer financing options through their practices to cover the cost of treatment.

For HIV patients suffering from facial lipoatrophy (facial wasting), BioForm Medical™ - the maker of Radiesse™ - offers the RADIESSE® Patient Access Program. In order to qualify for the discounted Radiesse™ price under the Patient Access Program, the patient must:

  • Have facial lipoatrophy associated with HIV-treatment
  • Lack private or public prescription healthcare coverage for RADIESSE®, such as HMO or PPO
  • Earn less than $80,000 per year

RADIESSE® Price vs. the Cost of Other Dermal Fillers

Because of the lasting effects of RADIESSE® filler treatment, its initial price is about twice that of Restylane® and three times the cost of collagen injections. The maintenance cost of RADIESSE® treatments, however, tends to be about the same as other fillers, sometimes even less. For many patients the long-lasting results provided by RADIESSE® treatments make up for the initial cost of injections.

RADIESSE® Financing Options

RADIESSE® cosmetic filler financing allows patients to break up the cost of their injections into affordable monthly payments. Possible Radiesse™ financing options include Care Credit®. This option provides customized payment plans that help patients who cannot afford the RADIESSE® price. Plastic surgery procedures ranging from $1,500 to $25,000 can be financed through these financing options.

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