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RADIESSE Risks and Benefits


RADIESSE® cosmetic filler treatment is a relatively quick and painless way to correct facial lines, wrinkles, and folds. Although the injection procedure has proven to be safe with very few side effects, there are some RADIESSE® risks that should be considered before undergoing treatment. Examine the benefits and risks of RADIESSE® treatment, and use DocShop to locate a facial plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist near you.

RADIESSE® Benefits

RADIESSE® cosmetic filler is used for the treatment of deep lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth — including smile lines, marionette lines, and nasolabial folds. Patients can achieve a healthy, natural, youthful appearance in just one visit. The benefits of RADIESSE® include:

  • RADIESSE® results are immediate and long-lasting (longer then other leading fillers).
  • RADIESSE® injections stimulate new natural collagen production.
  • RADIESSE® treatment is quick (generally less than 15 minutes).
  • RADIESSE® requires fewer injections than other leading fillers.
  • RADIESSE® natural composition means there is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction.

Possible Risks of RADIESSE® Treatment

All elective cosmetic procedures carry some level of risk, but the risks associated with RADIESSE® are minimal. Usually, injectable fillers are accompanied by the risk of allergic reaction. Since RADIESSE® is made of a substance that naturally occurs in the body, the risk of allergy is almost nonexistent.

Risks that have been associated with RADIESSE® treatment include:

  • Mild numbness or tingling in the injection area
  • Minor swelling or bruising around the injection area
  • No improvement after undergoing treatment
  • Headache (temporary)
  • Nausea (temporary)

The greatest risk associated with RADIESSE® and other cosmetic fillers occurs when patients allow non-licensed medical practitioners to administer the treatment. This risk can be minimized by checking the credentials of the doctor you choose for your RADIESSE® injection.

RADIESSE® and FDA Approval

RADIESSE® filler (formerly RADIESSE® cosmetic filler) is approved by the FDA for marking soft tissue for tumor tracking and treatment, treating vocal fold insufficiency, and correcting maxillofacial (oral) defects. In December 2006, RADIESSE® received FDA approval in the United States for facial soft tissue augmentation, including treatment of wrinkles, folds, chin dimples, nasolabial folds, and HIV-associated facial lipoatrophy (facial wasting).

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