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Sculptra® Cost and Financing


Sculptra® financing options are an excellent way to meet the cost requirements of treatment. It is important to remember that the amount of Sculptra® used varies when treating facial lipoatrophy, as does the cost. Physician fees and the number of treatments needed to produce the desired results also vary. Typically, the average Sculptra® cost per session is $600. Physician fees may be an additional $300 to $500 per session. However, some insurance companies and HMO systems in the United States cover treatment costs for HIV and AIDS patients with facial lipoatrophy.

Average Cost of Sculptra® Treatment

The average Sculptra® cost per treatment session is $600. Depending on the patient’s individual case, the number of Sculptra® sessions needed, as well as the cost, will vary. Some patients respond more readily to Sculptra® injections than others, or have lost less facial fat at the time of treatment. With its ability to reduce the effects of facial lipoatrophy brought on by HIV and AIDS, Sculptura® helps patients live fuller lives by lessening the visibility of their disease and improving their self-confidence.

Sculptra® has now been approved by the FDA as a safe and effective way to reduce the outward signs of HIV and AIDS caused by facial lipoatrophy. Reducing these signs of disease is of great importance to patients, and it is the aim of the medical community to provide treatment with cost and financing considerations that make it widely available.

Will Insurance Cover Sculptra® Injections?

Because of the greatly improved self-esteem and quality of life patients experience when the symptoms of facial lipoatrophy are reduced, many insurance companies have begun to provide coverage for Sculptra® treatments. By covering the cost of the procedure, these insurance companies help patients receive the treatment they need and reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS on those living with these diseases. A physician can help you determine if your insurance covers Sculptra® and, if not, how much it will cost you out-of-pocket.

Sculptra® Patient Access Program

The Sculptra® Patient Access Program covers the cost of treatment for those who could not otherwise afford it. The program was established by Dermik®, the manufacturer of Scuptra®. More information about covering the cost of treatment through the Patient Access Program is available by calling 866-310-7551. Qualified patients must apply for the program and meet financial requirements and other specific criteria. This program is an excellent way for HIV and AIDS patients with limited income to receive the treatment they deserve. If you are interested in Sculptra® but are concerned about the cost of treatment, you are encouraged to apply for the Dermik® Patient Access Program.

Sculptra® Financing Options

For those who cannot afford the cost of treatment and do not meet the requirements of the Sculptra® Patient Access Program, financing plans are an excellent option. These financing options include reasonable payment plans, allowing HIV and AIDS patients to undergo facial lipoatrophy correction without any undue burden. By lessening the appearance of facial lipoatrophy, Sculptra® is an important treatment whose cost should not prevent any patient from experiencing its benefits. If you are considering financing your treatment, speak with a physician who offers Sculptra® and he or she will be happy to discuss your options.

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­The easiest way to learn more about Sculptra®, its cost, and what it can do for you, is to contact a dermatologist in your area. When you do so, a medical professional will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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