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Blurred vision impacts virtually every aspect of your life, making it a challenge to drive or read, and frequently causes headaches.

Glasses have been an effective, trusted visual aid for over 700 years.

How have glasses evolved?

Modern Glasses Offer Many Benefits

Glasses Are Affordable

Glasses are much cheaper than corrective surgery and do not require recurring costs, like contact lenses.

A Personal and Stylish Solution

There are a staggering number of frames available to choose from, whether you want designer glasses or a simple, more conventional look.

Simple and Easy to Use

With glasses, you can get up and go. There is no need for cleansing solutions or scrounging for the contact you dropped into the sink - again.

How do glasses provide clearer vision?

A very common treatment...

Just how many people wear glasses?

*According to the Vision Council of America.

What can I expect to experience?

Crisp, Clear Vision

Eye chart before glasses Before

Nearsightedness makes distant objects look hazy.

Eye chart after glasses After

Glasses can help to sharpen your blurred vision.

Many people need glasses without even realizing it...

But Do I Really Need Glasses?

Scales icon If you don't have glasses by now, there's a good chance you don't think your vision is bad enough to need them. You might have found workarounds, like sitting at the front of class, using your phone's navigation instead of squinting at road signs, or holding pill bottles and other products with small text further away. But blurred vision can cause eye strain, headaches, nausea, and more. Driving at night can be a particularly challenging activity and even become dangerous. If you're struggling on a daily basis, glasses can help.

Is the process of receiving glasses as simple as it sounds?

A Simple, Routine Eye Exam Can Help

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First, schedule a visit with an eye doctor to discuss your symptoms.

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The doctor will administer several vision tests to determine an appropriate prescription.

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Here's the fun part. Pick your frames!

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Once your glasses are ready, slight adjustments will be made in the office to ensure a comfortable fit.

What else do I need to know?

Achieve Crisp, Clear Vision

Contact lenses are the most obvious choice if you're hesitant to wear glasses. But does the thought of touching your eyes twice a day make you squeamish? Plus, if you fail to responsibly wear your contacts (like sleeping in lenses that aren't made for overnight wear), your risk of infection and other issues climbs dramatically. Though corrective surgery is often an option, it does not always offer permanent results and requires a substantial investment.

Glasses have been used for centuries yet they are more popular than ever. Schedule a consultation with an eye doctor to learn more about your options.

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