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ICLs Cost and Financing


The cost of a lens implant is based on numerous factors including the type of implantable contact lens used, the region of the country in which the surgery is performed, the ophthalmologist selected to perform the surgery, and the medical facility used. Learn more about how much implantable contact lens cost and the financing options available.

Cost of a Lens Implant

Although the cost of a lens implant will vary on many factors, including whether you select the Verisyse™ phakic IOL or the Visian ICL™, typically an implantable contact lens procedure's cost is between $1,500 and $5,000. In most cases, the cost of a lens implant procedure is around $3,500 and it includes the implantable contact lens cost, surgeon fees, facility fees, and a follow-up visit.

When researching the cost of a lens implant procedure, be sure to ask the ophthalmologist if there are any additional fees (i.e. follow-up care, eye drops, and medical facility fees) that are not included in the quoted price. Also, remember, that you should not select your ICL surgeon based on cost alone. Be sure that you are working with a qualified eye surgeon.

The cost of a lens implant may seem a bit overwhelming at first. With available financing options and when the amount of lifetime savings on contacts, glasses, and their accessories are accounted for, the implantable contact lens cost seems less prohibitive. Many patients believe that the benefits of implantable contact lenses make the cost worth it.

ICL Financing

The surgical procedure for implantable contact lenses is considered to be cosmetic so the cost of a lens implant is typically not covered by insurance. There are, however, several options available for financing the implantable contact lens cost. Financing the procedure allows you to undergo the procedure sooner instead of waiting until you can pay for the entire cost of a lens implant upfront.

Most ophthalmologists offer financing plans to help patients pay for the implantable contact lens cost. Typically the plans are available through local credit unions and banks and through private lending organizations that specialize in healthcare finance. There are various plans available to cover the cost of a lens implant including interest-free or low interest payment plans, no money down options, and fixed rates.

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Find a local eye care specialist to discuss the cost of a lens implant procedure. Many ophthalmology practices offer financing options to cover the implantable contact lens cost.

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