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How to Choose an IntraLASIK Surgeon


The only person who can accurately tell you if IntraLASIK will be safe and beneficial for you is a qualified, experienced LASIK surgeon. As your sight is one of your most valuable faculties, it is extremely important to invest in its improvement with discretion and wisdom. Finding a trustworthy IntraLASIK surgeon requires knowing what to look for. Read on to learn how to choose a high-quality LASIK surgeon to perform your all-laser LASIK procedure.

Tips for Selecting an IntraLASIK Surgeon

The cost of IntraLASIK surgery, the location of the office, and the variation of LASIK technology the surgeon are all common criteria people use when choosing an IntraLASIK surgeon. However, a much more reliable starting point in your search for a LASIK surgeon you can trust is asking your family, friends, and others you know who have undergone laser vision correction about their experiences with their particular doctors.

Reliable and trustworthy LASIK surgeons generally share similar qualifications and traits. Typically, a dependable LASIK surgeon will have a hand in almost every part of the procedure, from the preoperative examination, to the actual surgery, to postoperative follow-ups. They will also generally perform LASIK surgery as a substantial part of their practice, are well-educated about the procedure, and are willing to take the time to educate you about the entire process.

Experience with the IntraLase® Laser

If you wish to undergo IntraLASIK, the surgeon you choose should ideally have a substantial amount of experience with the IntraLase® laser. Most surgeons will disclose the extent of their experience if you take the time to ask. As with any new technology, surgeons must perform procedures many, many times in order to truly obtain a masterful understanding and handling of the equipment. A surgeon with more experience using the IntraLase® laser will likely show better accuracy and safety during your surgery.

IntraLASIK Statistics

The ideal IntraLASIK surgeon will be aware of the statistics concerning all-laser LASIK procedures, including success rates and incidences of post-IntraLASIK complications. At the very least, a qualified all-laser LASIK surgeon should have statistical information on hand to educate patients. In addition, a trustworthy surgeon will be able to share specific statistics about his or her own practice that fall within FDA standards and guidelines.

Find a LASIK Surgeon in Your City

Finding the right IntraLASIK surgeon is crucial to your safety and level of satisfaction with the results of the procedure. Using DocShop, you can search for LASIK surgeons in your city, read their profiles, and explore their websites. Knowing what to look for in a responsible LASIK surgeon can make all the difference in how satisfied you’ll be with the procedure.

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