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IntraLASIK Cost


Compared to traditional LASIK, all-laser LASIK is a more expensive procedure. The cost of IntraLASIK surgery can range anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000 for both eyes. This disparity can be explained by the influence of demand in the local markets, as from city to city and doctor to doctor the same procedure will be performed at varying cost. Additionally, the cost of anesthetics and surgical facility fees will likely be factored in. Below you will find information on the cost of IntraLase® all-laser LASIK, as well as some of the payment and financing options available to you.

Why is IntraLase® All-Laser LASIK More Expensive than Traditional LASIK?

The major element in generating the high cost of IntraLASIK is the addition of the IntraLase® laser. This new technology provides for a higher degree of accuracy when performing the surgery, as well as a decreased risk of complications arising after the procedure. Typically, the cost of the IntraLASIK surgery is a total of charges that include the following: pre-procedure examination, actual laser surgery, and postoperative care and treatments.

Payment Options

Most practices that perform all-laser LASIK accept cash, check, or major credit cards. Some insurance carriers will even cover all or part of your IntraLASIK procedure, though many consider the procedure to be elective and will not fund any portion. In these latter instances, financing may be an option to help cover the cost of IntraLase® LASIK.

IntraLASIK Financing

Many practices have established agreements with private financing firms to help you pay for your vision care. Some lenders even provide grace periods in which you can repay your vision care loan before interest begins to accrue. Flex pay is an option that may be available to you through your employer. Flex pay is drawn from an account that is typically comprised of negotiated pre-tax dollars that are added to a payment fund to be used in addition to, or sometimes in lieu of, traditional healthcare coverage. 

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