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IntraLase® Laser


The introduction of the IntraLase® laser has redefined the landscape of LASIK laser vision correction. The IntraLASIK all-laser procedure eliminates the need for a metal blade known as a microkeratome, and hence appeals to those who may have felt uneasy about going under the blade during LASIK surgery. This allows even more people to experience better vision.

What is IntraLase®?

The IntraLase® laser is a technology used to replace the metal mechanical blade microkeratome traditionally used to cut the necessary corneal flap during a laser vision correction procedure. Rather than creating a flap with a blade, the IntraLase® laser uses laser energy to make a quick, painless incision.

Is IntraLase® laser vision correction new?

Laser vision correction using the IntraLase® laser was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2001. Though it is a relatively new procedure, it has already been used on more than 250,000 eyes. Since 2001, surgeons have gained invaluable experience in the use of the IntraLase® laser and have adjusted their methods accordingly to fully benefit their patients.

Though the procedure is still relatively new, it is imperative that you take into account the amount of experience a surgeon has had with the technology when choosing an IntraLASIK surgeon.

How the IntraLase® Laser Works

The IntraLase® laser uses quick pulses of laser energy to create the flap in the cornea needed to correct refractive errors. The computer-guided Intralase® laser quickly pulses light through the outer layers of the cornea as it moves back and forth across the eye to create microscopic bubbles at a specified depth in the eye. The bubbles under the cornea eventually create a perforation. The laser is guided by a computer, allowing the the depth, position, and diameter of the flap to be made with extreme precision.

After the IntraLase® laser has finished forming the microscopic bubbles beneath the outer cornea, the surgeon is able to gently separate the perforated tissue to create a flap, allowing him or her to continue with the laser vision correction procedure.

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The decision to undergo LASIK laser vision correction surgery is an important one that requires the guidance and advice of a qualified, dedicated doctor. Deciding to receive all-laser LASIK with the use of the IntraLase® laser also necessitates the services of an experienced, skilled surgeon. By using DocShop to find a LASIK surgeon in your area, you can read through the profiles and explore the websites of many different experienced professionals in order to make a decision that’s right for you.

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