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IOL Costs


The cost of a lens implant may be a factor in your decision of whether or not to have IOL surgery. We have provided information on intraocular lens prices and financing options to help you decide if intraocular lenses are right for you.

Cost of a Lens Implant

Intraocular lens prices are determined by several factors, including the surgeon you choose and the area of the country where your intraocular lens surgery is performed. In general the cost of a lens implant is $1,500 to $3,000 per eye.

Most insurance providers cover the cost of a lens implant when it is required to replace the natural lens that is removed during cataract eye surgery. However, when IOLs are used for vision correction only, the cost of a lens implant is typically not covered because the surgery is considered elective. Even if IOL surgery is not covered by your insurance, the procedure may help you save money over time because in most cases it can eliminate the need for corrective lenses. Over a lifetime, IOL surgery may cost less than the accrued cost of prescription glasses, bifocals, contact lenses, and the accompanying storage containers and solutions.

IOL Financing

Intraocular lens prices can appear daunting when the cost is considered as one payment. However, most ophthalmologists offer IOL financing options to help cover the cost of a lens implant. When surgery is elective, the cost can be managed through financing plans such as Compassionate Finance®. These financing plans offer affordable extended payment options of 24 to 48 months, and no money down. In addition to financing plans, most ophthalmologists accept major credit cards to cover the cost of intraocular lens surgery.

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The cost of a lens implant depends on several factors, including the area of the country in which the surgery is performed and the ophthalmologist you choose. To determine intraocular lens prices in your area, it is best to contact a local ophthalmologist for more information. Visit DocShop’s online directory to locate a qualified ophthalmologist in your area.

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