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ReZoom IOL Lenses


ReZoom™ IOL lenses are a common treatment used on individuals suffering from cataracts and presbyopia that wish to decrease or eliminate their dependency on glasses and/or contacts. The ReZoom™ lens offers several benefits and little risk of problems and side effects. Read the sections below to learn more.

How does the ReZoom™ lens work?

ReZoom™ intraocular lenses (IOLs) are an excellent option for individuals who suffer from eye diseases such as cataracts and presbyopia. The ReZoom™ lens is designed to treat these ailments, improve vision, and decrease a dependency on prescription glasses or contact lenses.

To do this, the ReZoom™ IOL creates multiple focal points allowing an individual to see better at a variety of distances. This aspect of the ReZoom™ lens makes it different from other IOLs because it offers quality vision both up close and at a distance.

For patients with cataracts, the ReZoom™ lens will replace the cataract-impaired lens providing improved vision almost immediately. This surgery is generally low risk and takes about 45 minutes to complete. It offers a safe, quick, and effective way to repair the patient’s vision.

Who is a good candidate for the ReZoom™ lens?

Individuals who may be a candidate for ReZoom™ lenses have difficulty with one or more of the following:

  • Reading
  • Seeing up close
  • Seeing at a distance
  • Driving, particularly at night

Individuals who continuously change glasses prescriptions or were recently prescribed bifocals may also be excellent candidates for ReZoom™ IOL lenses.

Alternative IOLs include the crystalens®, ReSTOR® lens, and TECNIS™ lens.

Problems or Side Effects Associated with the ReZoom™ Lens

As with any surgical procedure, the ReZoom™ IOL lenses can pose problems. There are side effects that potential patients should be aware of. First, infection after the ReZoom™ lens surgery is a problem some individuals may encounter. These infections can cause severe vision loss. However, less than 1 percent of patients that undergo a lens implant procedure get an infection - and if they do, it can usually be successfully treated with medication.

ReZoom™ IOL lenses also pose common problems such as halos or glare around bright lights. This varies from patient to patient and in most cases, these side effects will diminish in the weeks or months following surgery.

Several individuals who have undergone a ReZoom™ lens procedure say the benefits far outweigh the problems and that their vision has greatly improved by this surgery.

ReZoom™ Benefits

There are several benefits of the ReZoom™ lenses, including:

  • Improves vision for objects close up and in the distance
  • Provides good vision in a variety of lighting conditions
  • Successful treatment for cataract patients
  • Allows patients to get rid of their glasses and contact lenses

The ReZoom™ IOL can improve an individual’s overall vision, allowing objects to appear sharper and clearer. If you are interested in this procedure, use our directory to find a specialist in your area today.

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ReZoom™ lenses have provided several patients with improved, multifunctional vision. It has also given many individuals a greater independence from glasses or contacts lenses. If you are interested in a ReZoom™ lens procedure, contact a specialist in your area today.

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